Fall 2022 UOVHSAA Season

The UOVHSAA fall season kicked off this week. See below for UOVHSAA Event Dates.

UOVHSAA Golf – September 26th – Homestead at Wolf Ridge 2022 UOVHSAA GOLF

UOVHSAA Tennis – October 5th – information to come

UOVHSAA Cross Country – October 19th – Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch UOVHSAA Meet Details

UOVHSAA Junior Girls’ Basketball – Schedule

UOVHSAA Senior Girls’ Basketball – Schedule

UOVHSAA Junior Boys’ Volleyball – Schedule

UOVHSAA Senior Boys’ Volleyball – Schedule

UOVHSAA Varsity Girls’ Rugby 7’s – Schedule2022 UOVHSAA Varsity Girls’ Rugby 7’s

Good luck to all athletes and coaches! Have a great season.