The Upper Ottawa Valley High School Athletic Association is situated within Renfrew County, Ontario. The County consists of an area of 7,643 square kilometres and has a population of 102,000. It is surrounded by the beautiful Ottawa River and picturesque Algonquin Park, with many lakes and rivers for the avid outdoorsman. It is located between North Bay and Canada’s capitol – Ottawa. [ Area Map ]

This large area encompasses all high schools from Arnprior in the southeast, all the way along Hwy 17 northwest to Deep River, and Hwy 60 west to Barry’s Bay.

UOVHSAA belongs to the and the Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Association (OFSAA). There are 11 secondary schools that belong to our association representing four school boards. UOVHSAA belongs to the Eastern Ontario Secondary School Athletic Association (EOSSAA) and the Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Association (OFSAA).

Our Beliefs

We at UOVHSAA are dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the educational value of school sport.

UOVHSAA and its members seeks to achieve the following aims:

  • We aim to provide leadership on behalf of all Association schools in support of the education value of school sport;
  • We aim to conduct UOVHSAA secondary school sport championships which provide incentives for students to participate in interschool sport, and which create an awareness of the educational benefits of participants;
  • We aim to promote friendly relationships among the member schools;
  • We aim to promote fair play and equal opportunities for success in all secondary school competitions within the Association;
  • We aim to promote gender equity awareness and practices;
  • We aim to provide services, such as Playing Regulations, Codes of Behaviour, schedules, etc., for participants, teachers, coaches, and administrators to conduct and enhance school sport;
  • We aim to promote and foster all the desirable qualities to be achieved from competitive sport;
  • We aim to encourage the recognition of the integral role of school sport in any sport and fitness delivery system.